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With temperatures well above 950 in Charlotte, some of us gathered our carving tools and wine and once again headed off to Wild Acres Retreat located in the North Carolina Mountains for some cooler weather carving classes.
When we arrived on Monday morning the weather wasn’t much different than where we left, HOT!!!
We were all meeting for lunch at a pre determined location when we were notified that this place we were eating Ran Out of Food. WOW!!! So with the fast acting response of our leader, Rod Gatlin, we found ourselves with PIZZA being brought to our carving studio. Got an early start on carving and had pizza in the studio. Can’t beat that!!! We did have cooler weather for the rest of the week but speaking for me; I wore shorts and t-shirt all week and had the fan going. Can you believe that?
We did have a visitor to stop by and have pizza with us. CCA member, Tom Wolf stopped in to say hello and speak with all those present. It was nice to see Tom up and around and enjoyed his visit. Thanks Tom for visiting with us.
We started our first class of the week with CCA member, Ron Dowdy from Sanford, NC. Ron brought in a large assortment of rough outs to choose from for our class projects. Most of us were able to start two projects and a few completed at least one of their carvings. Thanks Ron for your many suggestions on carving techniques.
Our second half of the week was with CCA member, Mitch Cartledge from Morganton, NC. Mitch brought many rough outs to choose from and most were able to complete two carvings including the painting. Thanks Mitch for your expert assistance in carving instructions and painting techniques.
It was great having two CCA members, Ron Dowdy and Mitch Cartledge, together in one week of classes, teaching to those that want to learn the art of woodcarving. It was also great having Tom Wolf visit our class to share his stories and ideas with us all.
Thanks to club member Rod Gatlin for a great job in putting this event together and being able to provide two great instructors.
We all did take a little time out from our carving to witness the eclipse. You may read more about this adventure later on in this news letter.
Don’t forget, Jim Hart the Wood Supplier will be here Tuesday, October 10, 2017 and will arrive at the church around 2:30pm. We will still be able to carve so if you do not need wood feel free to still attend our carving sessions. This is your chance to stock up on some good wood from Wisconsin.
For all upcoming events check the clubs on-line calendar.

Have fun carving
“It doesn’t matter how slowly you carve as long as you don’t stop”

Jim Carpenter - Painting Seminar

We are pleased to have, as one of our seminar speakers this year, Jim Carpenter. His seminar on painting will be at 11:00, Saturday February 17, 2018. The following is from Journal Now.

"Jim Carpenter, a bird carver, finds inspiration everywhere.
"He carves life-like sculptures that show birds in their natural habitat. ... He paints all his sculptures with acrylics or oils.
“ 'I usually decide on the bird first, then how it will be mounted, including the habitat, and then make the habitat out of whatever it takes to create the habitat I am envisioning,'
“...'My theory is that a great carving done with a so-so paint job is just a so-so piece. ...'”

Ron Dowdy Painting Seminar

We are pleased to have, as one of our seminar speakers this year, Ron Dowdy. His seminar on painting will be at 2:00, Saturday February 17, 2018. The following is from Caricature Carvers of America.

"Woodworking has been a life long vocation and avocation...
"While I have been fortunate enough to validate my progress by winning some top awards, the journey is the ultimate reward: induction into the CCA; making new friends who creatively express themselves through their art; sharing concepts through teaching and seeing people’s approval through their smiles and chuckles.”

Bob Stadtlander Relief Carving Seminar

We are pleased to have, as one of our seminar speakers this year, Bob Stadtlander. His seminar on relief carving will be at 10:00, Sunday February 18, 2018. The following is from Trib Total Media.

"Bob Stadtlander, who gave a talk at the last Chisels and Chips gathering on June 9, picked up carving as a diversion after graduating from college more than 25 years ago...
"“It ended up being five years” Stadtlander said.
"The northeastern Ohio resident teaches woodcarving classes, traveling as far as Nebraska, and his works have appeared in juried shows."

Dylan Goodson Carving a Face Seminar

We are pleased to have, as one of our seminar speakers this year, Dylan Goodson. His seminar on carving a face will be at 11:00, Sunday February 18, 2018. The following is from his website.

"Turning a piece of wood into something that brings joy and wonder to others is something that gives me a great sense of enjoyment and accomplishment. The world is full of inspiration, and ideas come in all shapes and forms…whether it’s something I see, or a conversation with a friend, I try to incorporate it all into my work.

Carve in Charlotte

We meet every Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at The Cathcart Center on the grounds of Carmel Presbyterian Church, 2048 Carmel Road Charlotte, NC 28226.

Carve in Matthews

We meet every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Woodcraft of Charlotte, 1725 Windsor Square Dr. Matthews, NC 28105.

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