Our Mission

The Charlotte Woodcarvers Club desires to advance the art of woodcarving through:

Promotion: of the art of Woodcarving via many paths.
Promotion: of the art of Woodcarving via many paths.
Education: provide classes and activities that provide training in woodcarving
Education: provide classes and activities that provide training in woodcarving
Exhibition: we sponsor the largest woodcarving show in the southeast.
Exhibition: we sponsor the largest woodcarving show in the southeast.

How did you learn about Charlotte Woodcarvers?

From club members.

May 18, 2024 Neil McGuire

Hello Carvers

I want to thank everyone for all their help and support during the last two years. I have been honored to be the president of the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club. I know you will do the same for our new president, Jerry Clark.
Jerry has already been a great asset to the club and is responsible for saving our 2024 Showcase this April when the Table and Chair supplier refused to honor his contractual commitment to set up our Show 72 hours before it started. I also want to thank all those like Keith Jones and everyone who showed up at the Gym on Thursday afternoon to assist in the Show setup with the new supplier. We were ready to go on Friday morning because of them. And to everyone who supported me during the weekend when I could not be there or do it myself, Thank you all.
It is impossible to evaluate the Showcase so soon after the event. It will take an entire month to analyze the results. However, we already know that the raffle table was successful and set a record for collected money: great job, Steve Stillitano and team.

Betty Negus and the Welcome table did a great job signing new members, selling club apparel, and counting attendance.
Rod Gatlin and his judges and referees had the judging done early, and the judging recording team of Jim Horn and Don Reirson worked very well.
Neil Zyp and Rocky Paiano ran five (5) great seminars, and Bill Robinson’s food truck was a success.
Mitch Cartilage was in charge of the carving competition on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks, Mitch, for taking on this part of the show.
The Vendors I talked to were pleased with sales and were happy.
Behind the scenes, all registration phases went smoothly, thanks to Neil McGuire, Rich DiFranco, and all runners.

June 01, 2024 Neil McGuire

Sitting in my motel room


As I sit here in my motel room, I'm trying to figure out what to say in my first newsletter as President. And yes, I did volunteer. I think of what is important to me and what makes me smile.
First and foremost is God. He blesses me every day. Next is my beautiful wife; she helps lessen my burdens, and when I look into her eyes, I can’t help but smile. Also, my two boys make me proud and make me laugh.
Then we come to my hobbies:  seeing a little carving I’m working on come to life is a great feeling and makes me smile. I think about the club members, and the first thing I hear is everyone saying “Hey Jerry” when I walk in the door at the Tuesday meetings. It makes me feel so welcome. It’s fun to be a member of this club, and it is always a great time to sit and carve with the other members.
I am an over-the-road truck driver and work 70 hours a week. I don’t smile much at work. I cherish those times when I get the chance to have fun,
My first order of business (besides this newsletter article) is to thank Mr. Bob Gerbe for the past two (2) years of service to the club. He has done a lot of work for the club. I have some big shoes to fill in such a little man, and I will call on his expertise and knowledge to help me. I also want to thank the board members who make up the cabinet. I’ll be asking for all your help to develop and implement new ideas to improve this already great organization. (A little note to the board…no job is more important than the other). If your job is to count baskets, then count those baskets to the best of your ability. Then the whole club benefits from your job; well done.

Congratulations David Boone
Congratulations David Boone, Best of Show winner in the 2024 Showcase of Woodcarvers, Charlotte, NC.
Congratulations Al Gaskill
Congratulations Al Gaskill, Best of Intermediate in the 2024 Showcase of Woodcarvings, Charlotte, NC.
Congratulations Bill Mayer
Congratulations to Bill Mayer, Best of Novice in the 2023 Showcase of Woodcarving.

Come and Carve With Us

We meet every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at The Cathcart Center on the grounds of Carmel Presbyterian Church, 2048 Carmel Road Charlotte, NC 28226.