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Hello Carvers

At this time last year I was getting used to being a full time resident of the Charlotte area, and enjoying dedicating Tuesday to nothing but carving. I wasn't sure if the next showcase was going to happen, and, if it did, I would take over for Bob Slaughter to handle the vendors and setup for the show. Then there was the summer celebration and Neil McGuire said we need help on the board and Vice President. After discussing this with Neil, I volunteered, and then I was V.P.
A few months later Neil announced that he would not run for president for the next year and nominated me. So here I am writing the president's Message for the Newsletter, and I am late for my first message!
To take the easy way out I thought since many of you don't know much about me, I would do a short bio of myself so you'll know something about me. I hope more of you will show up on Tuesday's so we can meet in person and I can learn about you. Please wear your name tag, it will help us all.

May, A Time For Change

This has been a crazy season. We had an election in 2020 when we elected Marcy Chirdon as president, but before she got started the world came crashing down with Covid. Then her husband was offered early retirement (because of that crash), so they took it and moved to New York to be close to the new grandchildren. So I was elected president, and took over the responsibilities in September of 2020.
It has not been easy navigating these past 20 months with mask mandates and showcase uncertainties, but we made it. This has been an incredible journey, and I have been honored to be your president during this time. I believe, after sitting in on the showcase wrap-up meeting last month, the club is in a strong position to move forward.

April Sanity

Well, the 39th Annual Showcase of Woodcarvings is over, and everyone I spoke to said it was a success.
We had 125 carvers submit 1073 carvings for the show, and they were beautiful! Vic Hood from the Lepers Creek Woodcarvers Club (middle Tennessee) won Best of Show this year. A big congratulations for his “Lady under the Moon” carving. It was beautiful. Robert Zenoble took the runner-up with his Indian bust. (I am glad I didn’t have to make the call between those two.)
After the excitement of the show, we are back to our weekly carving routine at the Cathcart Center, Carmel Presbyterian Church.
ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS: the beginning carving classes will begin Tuesday, April 12 at 10am and 2pm. There will be 5 lessons on knife care and sharpening, carving an owl, carving a comfort bird, carving a Moravian star, and finally, carving a little dog.
The balance of the newsletter will be photos from the show. Follow this link for the April newsletter.
Sometimes it's the people no one imagines anything of who do things that no one can imagine.
Carrie Hope Fletcher

Capable Carving
Neil McGuire
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club

March Madness

The 39th Annual Showcase of Woodcarvings is in less than a month. College March Madness has nothing on the Showcase madness. As of this writing we have 64 carvers signed up from around the country. That number hopefully will double before April 1.
Right now registration is $15 for members and $21 for non-members. March 18 that will change, it will be $26 for everyone! So save yourself some cash, and the committee treasurer his hair, and register now. You can do so easily online by going to our online registration page, fill it out, and pay by cash/check/credit. Cash and check will need to be given either on Tuesdays or during final registration and check-in. Credit goes through our PayPal account, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay by credit. Scroll down and you will find a button to pay with your card.

Fabulous February

Since we've had three (3) snowstorms in January, maybe our winter weather is over, hopefully. Welcome February with Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Other than the usual Tuesday carving, that is all that is happening this month.
Club election were held in January. Congratulations to:
  • President: Bob Gerbe
  • Vice President: Bill Robinson
  • Secretary: Tom Bowling
  • Treasurer: Rich DiFranco
  • 3 year Board Member: Steve Stillitano
  • 2 year Board Member: Rocky Paiano
  • 1 year Board Member: Wahoo McDaniel

Congratulations Vic Hood

Congratulations Vic Hood, Best of Show winner in the 2022 Showcase of Woodcarvers, Charlotte, NC. Vic Hood Girl Under the Moon

Congratulations Tim Huffman

Congratulations Tim Huffman for carving Best of Novice in the 2022 Showcase of Woodcarvings, Charlotte, NC.

Carve in Charlotte

We meet every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at The Cathcart Center on the grounds of Carmel Presbyterian Church, 2048 Carmel Road Charlotte, NC 28226.

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